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1.7L Hot Water Bottle Warmer Hot & Cold Aches & Pains 


Warm-up with the Feelgood Heat Up Hot Water Bottle!

Gives you warmth, comfort and may relieve aches and pains!

Did you know you should replace your hot water bottle at least once a year for safety reasons? 

  • Buy a new hot water bottle every year. Hot water bottles that are in good condition on the outside may be damaged on the inside.
  • Check the daisy wheel date when buying a new bottle and note the year of manufacture. If it is more than 3 years old and/or appears aged or faded, don’t buy it.

How to check how old your bottle is:




Product Features:

  • High Quality
  • February 2020 Production
  • 1.7L Capacity
  • High-Quality Natural Rubber
  • Ribbed surface controls heat release
  • Conforms to the British Standard BS 1970:2012
  • Conforms to Australian ACCC Standard 2008 No. 71
  • Size of bottle (approx): 33cm x 20cm – standard size


Package Content:

  • 1.7L Feb 2020 Hotwater Bottle (choose qty at checkout)
  • Colour will be selected randomly from available stock on hand at the time of dispatch.
  • You may wish to add a note specifying the colour you prefer (Yellow, Sky Blue, Red Pink or Green), however, there is no guarantee that your request will be fulfilled. We hope you understand.